Monday, January 28, 2013

My Sunday Night Drugstore Crawl

I was joking with Mike (hubby) last night and texted him - yea texted him because I was actually out shopping by myself no kids ahh it was great  ok anyways I texted him "You know babe. Some people pub crawl, I drugstore crawl" hehe see I think I am funny . No ? OK :-) 

I hit up Target, CVS and 2 Walgreens. I picked up a couple of great goodies. One being my very first OPI nail polish woohoo! 

Yes I cheated and it was 50% off on clearance but whatever. I also grabbed a clearanced bright yellow figured it be good for details, I am thinking for the beak of a chicky bird for Easter ? This was at Target mind you.

Then at CVS I found a Nexxus Argan dry oil treatment for hair. My ends need this, its about time for a trim, maybe even a cut ?!?!? GASP ! But that is a whole other blog post... The Nexxus was on clearance for I think $3.xx so we will see how it works.

Walgreen's to be honest isn't one of my favorite places to shop. I like that their separate beauty counter is great but no one ever knows what they are doing or any knowledge about the products. I usually try and stay clear but last night my curiosity got to me. The CVS I went to didn't have any of the new lines of cosmetics that I know are coming out. I was looking for the Loreal Tru Match concealer sticks and/or their new Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stains. Both Walgreens had them but were out of budget for me right now. ( both were about $10 ) So while browsing the makeup I see an awesome new display for Revlon products .

I can't wait for a sale to use the coupons for this palette and a few others ! 

They also had a tearpad of Wet N Wild Fergie $1/1 product but it said please see makeup counter for I go and stand their for alteast 10 minutes as she digs through piles of coupons just sitting there noone using them. She doesn't find the Wet N Wild ones I wanted to use but kindly applied the 2 $1/1 coupons to my purchase for me. Oh I didn't tell you what I grabbed drrr the polishes were on sale 2 for $5 and with the 2 supposed coupons it was 2 for $3. Not bad when they are normally $3.50 a piece. I got a hot lime green that has a slight glimmer shimmer to it and a clearish blackish polish that has black speckles and large gold glitter pieces. 
The green looks minty in the picture but it is actually a neon hot lime green 


  1. There is a beautiful NP Set eye palette from Target called "rainbow connection" that I was able to pick up for just $10 the other day. It was 70% off I think. If you like eye shadows you might want to check their Sonia Kashuk, NP Set, Jemma Kidd and Pixi lines because they all had great clearance prices on palettes and eye shadow quads. Happy hunting!

    1. I will have to check those out ! what is an NP set ? <3 eye shadows !!