Monday, January 28, 2013

My January 2013 Wantable Box

Hey guys ! So earlier in January reached out to Sparkle me Pink and sent me an ecard voucher for one of their monthly subscription boxes. They have two types - a premium makeup box and a fashion jewelry box. I of course chose the make up one and this is what came in it. 

Basically is a monthly subscription service that provides guests with a fun style quiz and then using the results to hand pick items for the boxes. It's a bit like a grab bag but you can request to not receive certain things during the quiz. Example I chose to ask to not receive mascara - since I own 20 million already. Ok maybe not 20 million exactly ;-) . 

You too can get a Box, they are $40 (one-time buy) or $36 for the monthly subscription. PLUS the value of the products in the box are worth $80-$100 !! 
Check their site out here - for some more info. 
I love how the boxes are filled with hand-picked items for your personal style
I love the blush (Mia Bellezza) its a perfect everyday color, not to bold but perfectly glowing.

The lip gloss is super pigmented and tingles a bit (which is neat) since is it a plumper. The container also lights up and has a mirror on the side of it for quick reapplication at night.

I still haven't tried the nail polish yet but that's because I have a video tutorial I want to do with it.

The eye shadows I have to admit are a bit out of my comfort zone and valued at about $22 I am nervous to try them for some reason - I know I can be a weirdo at times LOL.

As for the eye liner, the formula was nice and smooth and gave a deep black line but there was a very, very small amount of product in it. maybe the mechanism was broken I don't know but there was only less than a centimeter of product in it. I emailed the representative I was in contact with and she wrote back the very next day understanding my concern and insisted she send me a replacement plus a little something for the hassle (not sure if that is normally customary but I am an open book with you guys !) In my eyes excellent customer service. She even wrote back later in the day to reassure me that she too tried one (the Mia retractable eyeliner) at their office and had the same issues. I strangely felt a little better after she said that. I always feel bad saying non-positive reviews - remarks but hey its the truth. So ... anyways  my second replacement box arrived today with a pencil jet black eyeliner and some pearlesant pigment eye shadow I think ? Not sure it didn't have a name on the container. Oh also, every come wrapped up and packages nice and neat in a box of fluffy swiggle stuff. It's super cute.
Overall I am pleased with my box and customer service from I can't wait to see what they offer in the future boxes. 

** I think I made up some words in this post (pearlesant?!) ... so yea ... I hope you get my drift :-)

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