Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My First Smiley360 Mission

 I have recently join a site called Smiley360. It is similar to Bzzagent and Influenster in that they send  participants free products to test and try out and in return receive true honest word of mouth type reviews. If you would like to join Smiley360 and receive your own free products to test, review and share with your friends use this link HERE. 

The Bic Pens 4 in 1 Smiley Mission is the first mission I have been chosen for. 

I thought it was cute how these pens are even still around !! I mean what a wonderful nostalgia filled product ! Who doesn't remember these as a kid ? Nowadays with mobile phones and computers we have forgotten how meaningful a handwritten note means to someone. With just one pen I can now make my red hearts, the love letter in green , write the shopping list in blue then mark it off in the store with black. The pen overall is super handy and a classic ! When my 4 year old son saw the pen for the first time after I wrote this note he was fascinated. I may have to get him one of his own :-)  

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