Monday, January 28, 2013

My 90 Day Journey - Week 3 - Creative Bioscience

So I have been hesitant to post an update since (of course) the battery in my scale decided to die the during week one and I can't seem to remember to pick one up when I am out. But I didn't want to leave you hanging to long either. 

Today begins week 3 of me taking my Creative Bioscience, African Mango tablets. I feel more energized and normally feel more focused,  though today I have been so scattered brained. Because of my conveniently broken scale I am unsure of any actually poundage that I have lost (if any). But what I can tell you is today I was able to slip, yes slip not shimmy, into my size 10 "skinny" jeans. They are a tiny bit snug at the top but no where near where is was around Christmas time. Shamefully, I couldn't even put these on !! Now I can. I was very proud of this factor. Makes me feel like something is at least somewhat changing. Slowly but surely, right ?!    

I have cheated a bit food wise. Drinking the very occasional soda and a doughnut here and there with my morning coffee. I mean seriously how could I not. Oh right I am supposed to be dieting ;-) At least I have seen a difference in my shopping habits. Again slowly but surely - hopefully. I have been focusing on shopping the 'outside perimeter of a supermarket' because that is usually where all the fresh non processed food is located. My kitchen has seemed to stay stocked with dried cranberries to snack on, bananas, cutie clementines, grilled chicken, tilapia, Uncle Ben's microwave pouches of brown & long grain rices and tons of new spice seasonings that specifically have no salt. 
I am trying.  
As for exercise the kids and I have gone on several walks to the park. And not just to the one close to the house but the one that is on the opposite side of the neighborhood. I tell them its an adventure. Then at the park rather than sitting my butt on the bench, I make it a point to chase them around, referee some slide races or just plan walk aimlessly around the structure. Of course doing this I am secretly making sure they aren't killing each other, ahh the love of a big brother and little sister haha! Plus it gets me up and moving. Also walking the dog late at night by myself is nice. I have been taking the long route too. Especially since evenings here have been quite chilly for a change and that makes for perfect walking weather which really means QUIET peaceful time for mommy. 

I am confident that by the end of my 90 days I will have substantial results to share with you all. Wish me luck ! 

What kind of diet (if any) are you trying for your new years resolution ? How are you doing with it ? 

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