Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My 90 Day Journey Begins Come Along With Me

As you may already know, yesterday I started my 90 Day Challenge with Creative Bioscience. (My original post is HERE.)  I am planning to update you all with my progress as we go along on this journey. Comment below with if/how you are shedding the pounds this year !
Now, my product of choice for the challenge is the African Mango 1200 tablets. I received my package in the mail on Sunday and started taking them on Monday (yesterday). They are a pretty large in size but I just take them with my other 'morning' meds and am nonetheless aware of its size. As far as feeling funny, being that this is a dietary supplement, I haven't felt any different yet. Then again it is only technically day 2 - I will keep you posted, though I am not expecting any major side effects. The directions say to take 1- 2 tablets a day in the morning 30 minutes before food but because I do take other meds I am starting my first week off with just one pill a day and then possibly upping it to 2 next week. 

The primary reason I chose this specific product is for the Pure African Mango seed extract. The pure extract helps with weight lose without me having to exercise all day or feel starved. And if you know me at all I am a food and sweets junky ! 

Luckily for me the dietary guidelines for this regimen seemed similar to that of weight loss plan. I will need to watch more of my portion sizes and chose a few healthier options with my meals. I like that I won't have to cut out specific foods like no bread or absolutely no sugar. However, those late night buttermilk donuts aren't helping me any. I will be cutting out any and all soda beverages though. They do suggest limiting my dairy intake but that is an easy fix. I have been doing pretty good so far with my food choices. But I have already kind of cheated. Today is my birthday and what birthday is any good with out one piece of cake right ?  

As for the exercise part of it the instructions just basically say to 'stay active'. Now for me that means carrying out our heavy trash bags to the dumpster across our complex's parking lot or taking that extra trip up and down the stairs to grab my cell phone that I forgot on my vanity rather than lazily just getting it the next time I have to pee. I also have my 4 yr old and almost 2 yr old that keep Mike and I on our toes. They are always wanting to do something; ride their bikes or scooters, going to the park, walking the dog, you get the picture. I am planning on busting out the ol' yoga mat and doing a few stretches and maybe a DVD in the morning before the munchkins wake up. 
Do you guys have any pilates or yoga routines that you enjoy ? Please share ! 

Going from left to right pictures were taken : August 2007, August 2009, and December 2012
Ok now for the hard part...goals. I was pretty proud of myself for losing the baby weight after having both of my kids. But after the last one threw my body out of whack and my thyroid and other hormones went bazerko I have gain quite the bit of weight. Alright a lot. I am currently balancing between 176 on a good day and 185 on the not so good. Before the kids I was 120 lbs ! (that was 2007 and even then I lost about 15 lbs from doing weight watchers after my car accident in late 2006-can you believe I really thought I was chubby back then ?! Crazy I know !) So you can imagine when I look back at old photos how I feel that-that person isn't even me anymore. Its not just the physical appearance that I am trying to bring back but also the health side. I need to get my blood sugar under control (I take Januvia in the morning to help block some of my sugar absorption) and I am constantly lethargic and achy. I just fricken turned 25 years old, I should be more sporadic than unmotivated !! So my goal is to get down to 135-140 I think I could look good and feel healthy at that weight. This means I need to lose about 40 lbs ! Its going to be a lot of work and I expect it to take time. (Though I am hoping to wake up tomorrow a skinny mini I know that isn't a reasonable feat) 

I can do this ! I want this ! I need this !!! 

In light of needing some inspiration I turned to the beloved addictive Pinterest and created THIS board. Whenever I am feeling unmotivated or down I am hoping this inspiration board will help put me back on track. Tell me what you do to keep on track ! 

So cheers to feeling Happy, Healthy and Sparkly  ....  Bubbly, Bright and Bold ?!    Idk I feel like I need a catch phrase or something for this adventure don't you ? :-) 

Think Happy Thoughts  

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