Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To - Make Your Own Blog Badges and Buttons


You want to have more personalized buttons that link your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Favorite sites etc on your blog but don't know where to start ? Well I have figured out a way with the help of this site and some personal research. So lets get started ! 

First step of course is to choose the image you want to show. Readers will click on this image to be connected to the site of your choice. Next is to upload it to a photo editing/sharing site. I find Photobucket to be easiest in this step. (Plus it is totally FREE)

After uploading look on the right hand side of the page for the HTML code. Keep this page up you will need to copy and paste this code. 

Log into Blogger and go to the Layout tab.
There you will see Add a Gadget. Click this.

Under Basics Gadgets find HTML/JavaScript. Click the + button

You will be prompted with a window that looks like the above picture. Here you will type this 'formula' in.

<a href="URL of link" target="_blank"><img src="URL of image"></a>

Now substitute the HTML code of the image from the photobucket site into the "URL of Image" and in the "URL of link" put the site you want your readers to be directed to when they click on the image. 

You can double check your work by clicking Rich Text - Even better if you are using Internet Explorer you can now (in Rich Text) re-size your images so they appear smaller, more square and also line up next to each other. {for some reason the re-sizing within Blogger in this Rich Text mode only works with Internet Explorer)

Hit save and you are done :-)

You just made your first button.

Do you need to have three in a row ? I keep atleast a one space line empty between each of the filled in 'formulas' that way if I need to amend anything later pulling apart each picture is much easier ! 

I hope this helps you continue on your way to a more personalized successful blog.  

Let me know if you have any further suggestions / questions / comments below :-)

**Want to make your own actual badges ?! Use Picmonkey  to splice together pictures into a collage or add text, use different editting tools and more :-) **  

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