Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Help! I Need A New Camera

So ... I am in need of a new camera. Right now for taking pictures and YouTube videos I am getting by with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W370. Nothing fancy just a point and shoot. It takes beautiful pictures, but when it wants to. The auto focus is nice but it takes like 30 seconds of holding and un holding the button for the focusing to find the perfect clarity and stay with it. By then the kids have moved, un-smiled, the bird flew away or whatever.  I am looking for something more! A camera that will capture memories clearly and quickly; while also being great at taking videos. I find that the Sony I am using now focuses on its own in and out about every 10 seconds. I can hear the gears grinding and y'all can hear it in the videos, believe me it drives me nuts too! The only thing now is to find one that is reasonable priced and will hopefully work for both purposes. However, I know next to nothing about cameras - lens' - mm ?! 

And this is where you guys come in :-) 

What are you using to capture memories with ? 

Let me know your recommendations! 

In the meantime, while we dream and share camera reviews maybe one of us can win this beauty below !!
How awesome would that be ?!?!?! 
Growing up my dad always used Canon so I may be partial :-) !


I am not affiliated with this giveaway. Entering through the link above does help me get bonus entries.
Good Luck !!  


  1. Welcome to hump day! I too need a new camera!
    Phew-this week has been so busy, hectic and chaotic! Hope yours is going awesome.
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    Ciao ciao for now~
    P.S. Remember TEEN WEEK starts Feb 1st!

  2. i use use the canon powershot elph 110 and its good for videos and blog pictures!

    1. Im going to have to google that one thank you for the suggestion !!

  3. We have the T2i and we love it :) my mom actually liked ours so much that she got the T3 for Christmas :)