Sunday, January 20, 2013

Free Sephora Make-up ? YES !

This is my real receipt !!
My friend Heather on Facebook made me aware of this opportunity the other day so I HAD to check it out for myself and YES it is legit !!!

What you do is join here -
Then download the free app to your phone or tablet. 
Then start sending your friends FREE gift cards and they can send ones back to you. 

Now for this specific deal a friend of mine had sent me a $5 Wrapp Gift Card to Sephora which could be used online or in-store. 
Then at the store there was an endcap of some great clearance eye shadows, nail polishes etc.
I picked up a Sephora eye shadow duo for $5.44  tax included. Applied the code from my phone which popped up when I selected use in-store and poof my total was $0.44 :-)

Let me know what you get with your gift cards !!!

What is Wrapp?

Wrapp is a social gift-giving service. It lets you give free and paid gift cards to friends and family using your computer or smartphone.
It’s fast, easy and fun. Best of all, many of Wrapp’s partners offer a limited number of free gift cards every day. If none are available when you check, try again the next day!

Why do merchants give away free gift cards?

Wrapp lets merchants appeal to potential customers directly instead of using pricey TV ads or other indirect methods. Of course, it’s up to Wrapp users to decide if and when they want to send any friends a free gift card.

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