Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fast, Easy and Super Pretty Gradient Nails - Picture Tutorial

When I first saw this look on Pinterest I was obsessed ! I then found this awesome picture tutorial - The Nailasaurus: Gradient Nails Picture Tutorial: that I just could not top. But here is my interpretation ... 

 The two color polishes are by Wet N Wild Megalast line ... First coat - On a Trip and let totally dry. I then dipped a makeup sponge in both colors and dabbled them on each nail to create the faded look.

Let it all dry again and touched up with the sponge where the color didn't take or I just missed .

Topped it off with my fav new top coat by Seche Vite and voila !

Fast, Easy and Super Pretty !

I used a ceramic dish with a smidge of 100% acetone in it and a slanted brush (from Target) to clean up my fingers and the edges around my nails.
This sponge technique is quite messy!

Have you tried this look before ? Share your pictures with us !! 


  1. Very cool. I want to try that out:) I am obsessed with nail polish

  2. that's really cool I've always wanted to try it!

    1. Thanks ! I'm thinking of doing a video tutorial to show it in real time too :-) its so easy and you can do it with all kinds of color combos !

  3. I love the wet n wild nail polishes they are amazing and this tutorial is awesome I love gradient effects on nails