Sunday, December 2, 2012

Seventh Generation House Party

 About a week or so ago I received my Seventh Generation Healthy Baby House Party Kit. The company had emailed my directly asking to fill out a survey questionnaire and a couple weeks later said I was chosen to host a party for them. These kinds of parties are geared towards the new web and face to face word of mouth interaction advertisement craze. Personally I don't mind doing these tasks. Receive free product to try and review for yourself while also being able to share your info, coupons and samples with your friends and family. Afterwards one usually takes an overall survey helping in product research and adjustments to current products on the market. Kinda makes you feel like you have a say or difference with what is manufactured. It also helps to take the guess work out of what to buy and not to buy when shopping for these items ! 
 Now the first box I received was pretty banged up. Some of the sample pouches had exploded all over the products, paper work and coupons. I emailed the director of the house party and she emailed me back the next day saying I would be getting another package within 2 days !! I was impressed and grateful !  

The kit contains several coupons and product samples. My favorite of the kit were the full sized products for the host. There is a baby body/hair wash, baby bubble bath, Lavender makeup remover/facial cleansing wipes and a bar of lavender body wash. They are all organic paraben free, gluten free products. They feel great on the skin, soft yet effective. The scent has to be the worst for me, while natural they have a very distinct aroma. Very earthy, natural and a bit over whelming. Sophia, my almost 2 year old daughter enjoyed the body wash and especially the bubble bath. It froths up extremely well making for tons of playful bubbles. Another thing she enjoyed a lot were the Plum Organics teensy fruits in apple. She seriously sat there and ate like 6 sample packages !!! Which I didn't mind being that they are all natural with no additives and what not. They are not hard or crunchy - very soft yet not super gummy or sticky. I think I am going to have to purchase these ASAP.

 Here are some close ups of the coupons and samples . I have not tried the Luna bars myself yet. Sophia had one and seemed to like it . 

 The wipes are so soft with no design/pattern 'pockets' or scrubbers built into the wipe. The scent is a bit strong at first but I got over it. They removed all of my makeup leaving my skin feeling clean and soft, not tight, dry or over cleaned like other facial cleansing wipes I have tried. 
In reality after trying much of the kit myself I would seriously consider purchasing the facial cleansing wipes,  the bubble bath and the teensy fruit snacks. But I am curious to here what you all think of these product or from those I have handed samples and coupons out to !! 

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