Sunday, December 30, 2012

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream - Bzzagent

Other than the Covergirl flipstick Bzzagent, this is one of my favorite campaigns to have received. The package included a full sized fragrance free Norwegian hand cream, instructional booklet and 6 sample sizes to hand out. (Which are already gone ! Once I mentioned I was a part of this campaign everyone I knew was willing to give it a try. And I don't blame them.)  

  Upon opening the box I quickly took a 'before" picture and then eagerly slathered it on. I only needed a dime sized dollop to decently cover my hands, knuckles and around my nail areas. (around my nail areas get really bad !!)  The cream itself is a medium-thick clear jelly like consistency which upset me at first. I am not a fan of icky sticky lotions or creams. However, after about a minute or so my skin soaked it right up leaving a nonslick, smooth texture on my hands. I was also pleasantly surprised at how even after washing my hands a couple times they still felt like they had a bit of product on them, not it a yucky way just a good way, if that makes any sense :-) 

  Now remember I live in Arizona so I plan to use this product year round not just in the winter season since it is so dry ALL the time. To be able to give a proper review of this cream I have been applying it every morning and right before bed. I think I have managed to put it on a couple random times during the day when I remembered or when I started to feel dry. But I have to admit I've found myself getting less and less frustrated with my once itchy dry hands. The jist of it ? I am really liking this product....a lot !! 

Here is the back of the package with all the official info you'd need to know about this awesome cream.
Found here at Target at a much more reasonable price than I expected !! 

I say that because for for me being from a such a reputable company like Neutrogena and that fact that it is truly a premium quality product I am glad to see it so reasonably priced !!   

Before 12/27/12
The Before: The area around my nails are white scaly and super dry. Plus my knuckles become itchy and ashy from washing my hands all day. It just isn't pretty. I do use another name brand hand and cuticle therapy lotion which seems to help but not protect enough. That lotion seems more like a short term soother than something that is truly beneficial for my skin. 

Although I am not ready to post my after picture, I have seen and felt such a remarkable and positive difference in my hands & fingers as a result of using this product. I highly recommend this cream for everyone to use on a daily basis to maintain healthy youthful hands. 

( I want to wait a full week of use to properly show you the results - like an experiment haha )

P.S. Bonus tid-bit in the info packet BzzAgent even suggests ditching your usual chap stick and instead use a smidge of this cream to moisturizer your kisser ... hmmm good to know ;-) 

Let me know if you have found this review helpful or if you plan to pick up this affordably awesome product!

Update :  

Today I took an updated photo of my refreshed hands thanks to Neutrogena ! 

With this side by side view you can see for yourself the positive change in the healthiness of my hand and the area around my nails . 

UPDATE #2 : 1/2/13 Its been almost a week now of continual use of this amazing cream see the results for yourself ! - Keep an eye out for a video nail tutorial by Sparkle me Pink ! 


  1. I'm always looking for a good lotion! i'll have to check it out!

    1. Yes definetly ! I was using Curel Hand & Cuticle therapy but this is sooo much better !!

  2. Great review - its good to know that Target has it priced so reasonably

    1. I know right ? I was so excited ! This is deff a product I will be repurchasing

  3. Wonderful review with lots of informative pictures. Good job!

  4. I can totally relate to the annoyance of dry, itchy hands and it's HUMID year round here! Thanx for your informative review.

    1. Ugh I hear yea , I used to live in NY where it was super humid all the time and they were dry then ! Now its just crazy annoying, thankfully this cream has help a lot !!