Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday VoxBox 2012 Reviews

I decided to do my VoxBox reveal and reviews in separate posts that way it wasn't just one humongous post, I hope y'all don't mind !! 

The first product I tried out was the Goody Quikstyle paddle brush. The brush is made up of normal bristles and super absorbent microfiber bristles which  soak up 30% of the water in your hair as you style. 'It's like a towel and a brush in one', according to Influenster. Now I shower and wash my hair at night but with my super thick long hair, it is almost inevitable that even by the time I actually lay down for bed my hair is still usually quite wet. I have used this brush the last couple of nights on my self and my 2 year old daughter. We have realized a significant difference in the time it take for our hair to air dry. While our hair wasn't totally dry after using this brush, it was damp rather than drenched. I'm not sure of the exact time it cut off of my drying time but for me to notice a change at all I see as a vast improvement. I recommend this product for those with thick or long hair like myself as well as for those who are always in a rush to wash, dry, style and run out the door for school/work. I have seen these sold at my local CVS already so I am sure they should be an easy find for you :-)

The next product I have tried so far is the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City. My first impression of this without opening it was that it was going to be a shimmer gloss that would probably be super sticky. I am not a fan of super sticky or shimmery lip glosses. However upon applying it I was shocked ! First off, the applicator is more of a fuzzy paddle shade than a skinny tear drop. This I found allows the perfect amount of product to come out of the tube. Most of my glosses applicators pull out with a glop of gloss that I struggle to smooth out. Next is I didn't notice any shimmer on my lips at all, which I liked a lot !!! It also wasn't very sticky or stinky at all, as you could imagine I was very relieved. I think I really have found my new fav nude gloss !!! 

Influenster says 'It's pure pigment ingredients create a 3-D gloss effect while Vitamin E provides shine and moisture. The non-sticky formula creates the ultimate creamy and soft textured feel. Avaliable in 10 on-trend shades from neutral nudes to berries & fushias.'
Here I am wearing my new fav lip gloss  

Below I am using the Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask obviously on the left :-) and on the right showing off how smooth my makeup applied after using the mask and wearing the NYC Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City <3 
my makeup went on so nicely I didn't even need to edit my pictures at all woo hoo !!

The next product I tried out was the Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask 

I really enjoyed this one ! I used it yesterday morning after washing my face. It smells amazing !!! It went on nice and creamy and gave off cooling affect while applying. It dried in about 10 minutes which I then washed it off with warm water. (Just like with any facial mask)  It left my skin feeling super clean, smooth and moisturized not tight or shiny at all. I found that since I used it in the morning - I usually do my masks in the evening- my foundation went on really well ! I may just have to do one of these masks like once a week now. I believe I have seen these being sold at Walmart, let me know if you pick one up and which kind you get. There are tons of choices. 

* P.S. last night Mike saw that there was about half of the packet left over since I only needed bout half to do my face - so there's another awesome fact buy one packet get two uses out of it ... anyways Mike asked me to put the rest on him HAHA !!! He loved it ! I was so proud of him but he wouldn't let me take a pic booooo. 

Also the Sole Society card allows me to giveaway a code for $25 off your purchase at . Email me at for the code :-) 

I will update this post as I go along and try out the rest of the products .. 


12/30 - Today while I was out I made it a point to try and locate some of these products and their prices . 

Both below found at Target 

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