Sunday, December 2, 2012

BzzAgent - Private Selection Products

Today was my Kmart House Party which was the perfect showcase for these snacks. We had the Private Selection crackers with the monterey jack & buffalo cheese. Everyone enjoyed the cheese, it wasn't to spicy but still had a full bold flavor. The crackers were a thin crispy chip like crackers which paired well with the cheese. We also served both the blue cheese stuffed olives as well as the jalapeno ones. The jalapeno stuffed olives were a definite hit !! The coffee went perfect with the Christmas cookies I made. And later for dinner I made some pasta with the Private Selection Arrabbiata sauce, which again is something I am adding to my shopping list from now on. If you haven't tried any Private Selection products before I personally highly recommend the jalapeno olives and the buffalo monterey deli cheese. While the other items were tasty, price wise I am more willing to repurchase those two items over the others. That being said I feel the bit more of a cost is worth it, the products are truly premium in quality. Private Selection can be found at your local Kroger grocer (aka out here it's Fry's)Also the neat thing about Private Selection's is that their gourmet collection is made up of all kinds of foods from ice cream to baking chocolate chips and frozen premium pizzas. I seriously will be picking a new Private Selection product each time I go shopping now because of how much we enjoyed this campaign!!  

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