Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 - Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

My son's first school turkey art project :-) 

Its been almost a week since Thanksgiving and we have just finished off the last of the Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes :-( very sad they were amazing !! But I do have some great memories and recipes to share with you! I got my inspiration from none other than Pinterest. 

Which if you haven't checked out my Christmas board yet? 
You should, it is super cute. 
Anyways this first recipe comes to us from Une-deux Senses : Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes !! I originally was planning to cheat and use a box cake with some cinnamon added to it until I read the whole recipe the day of baking and it just made sense to make it all from scratch ( my luck I would have cheated and ruined all of the hard work)     
The first thing I did was prepare the icing (pictured above) which did not have the normal consistency that I had expected so I thought pictures might help those as clueless as me to this new way of using pumpkin. 

While the icing was baking, I prepared the cake batter. Which again did not have the normal consistency, it was very thick...don't forget to bake the graham cracker crumbs for a couple minutes before putting the batter in ! *I used my food processor and some store brand graham crackers to make the crust fast easy and now I can say it is all homemade :-)
I refrigerated the icing tightly sealed and the cupcakes very well Since we didn't end up eating any of these actually on Thanksgiving - but several days later. They tasted fabulous so I would suggest this recipe as a make ahead next year so your not baking everything in one day.
I'm super happy they stayed so well refrigerated. Sometimes we let one or two sit out a bit before eating to be more room temperature but the rest we just inhaled :-)


Some other goodies I made with the kids were these adorable turkey sugar cookies and Pumpkin Pie Bars made with cream cheese for a smoother taste. The kids and I threw some cool whip on the pumpkin bars and had them for breakfast the next day haha ! Delish !!

We had a great Thanksgiving (2012) with my in-laws. We all went to the park ate some great food and Mike and I left early to do some Black Friday shopping. Nothing crazy just some board games and tupperware really. 
Here is a picture of Sophia helping me bake and the boys thinking they were being sneaky taking some of the deviled eggs ! I see you boys......I know this post is quite the bit late but late is better than never ! I hope you  all had an awesome Thanksgiving and look forward to chatting with you about Christmas recipes and craft/gift ideas ! <3 

Oh and I almost forgot the best part! Mike and I got engaged over the weekend !!! After 5 years together and 2 kids its about time ... The funny thing is he was showing the ring to our 4 year old when he snatched out of his hands and ran down the stairs to ask me, "Mommy will you please marry daddy?" Best moment EVER !!!!!

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