Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sparkling Sunday 11/4

This weeks highlight is a bit different. This black and decker steam mop is by far my number one household necessity! I purchased this on sale from Target. com back in February. Its simple to use with no chemicals or additional products needed, its perfect. After a quick sweep of my floor to pick up the loose dirt and dog hair I fill up the provided cup with filtered water, attach the cleaning pad, turn it on and 30 seconds later am ready to go ! I definitely feel my floors are cleaner and germ free for my kiddos after mopping. Luckily for me the whole living area is tile so its super easy to keep it clean. Oh and the pads are reuseable ! Throw them in the washer then hang dry it to preserve them longer and bam you're done! I highly recommend this mop for anyone with hard floors, tile etc. Let me know if you own this already or have a favorite steam mop :-)

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