Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sparkling Sunday 11/11

This weeks highlight is my all time favorite chapped lip treatment. With the cold weather creeping up on us here in AZ this past week, I've found myself grabbing my chap stick more. I have tried just about every lip balm product out there. From carmex, to chap stix, blistex etc . I do like Maybelline `s BabyLips however Nivea`s in milk & honey I feel helps treat and smooth out my dry lips . I have also tried the other Nivea balms such as the tinted ones or shimmery but this milk and honey is my favorite. Smells great, goes on smooth and isn't super shiny at all. Mike even uses the Men's version, which has much less of a shiny sheen to it. I know Nivea lip products are on sale this week at CVS for $2 each ! I got mine this week for free from a previous Facebook promotion they had. Good thing because I'm super low on my purse one.

What is your favorite lip treatment product ?

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