Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Beauty Buys

Did you guys do the P&G deals at Fry's this past week (I know I am so far behind I apologies guys !!!!) But I thought I would still share what I got . Most are doubles of what I already have so I added them to the box that has been sitting here waiting to be mailed to my mom for over a year. Procrastinate much ?!?! 

This one has to be my fav of what I picked up and is new to my collection. I haven't tried it yet maybe tomorrow and I will update with a picture.  

The next awesome makeup item I got this week was from Victoria's Secret ! They keep sending me these cards in the mail for a free panty AND $10 off ANY purchase !!! I don't have a card with them so I am not sure how I get them but I hope they keep coming! I picked up my free no show panty in a light gray with white lace, boy they are soft and super comfy. With the $10 I used it towards this super cute palette which was $15, so $5 plus tax after the coupon. I have never tried VS makeup before (Ive tried a lipstick but not actual face makeup). I went into the store looking for these $15 palettes and no one knew what I was talking about. Just as I was about to leave on those pillars of crowded products by the registers down on the bottom were the $15 palettes, awesome ! I tried these the other day they went on very smooth and wore pretty well through the day. I will try it a couple more times and maybe post a pic for you guys.  

Here is a link to the one I purchased , they also have 2 others - Perfect party eye kit and Fall runway eyes

Have you tried these yet ?!  

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