Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nasal Congestion No More !!

I deal with chronic sinusitis so my hopes for this product to actually work were slim to none. The past few weeks have been particularly annoying for me and my inability to breathe unless I blew my nose every 5 minutes. Then I received this lovely little spray from BzzAgent and gave it a try that same day. At first I didn't realize any difference. Then about an hour later I found myself asking what the aroma was in my kitchen. It was my flameless wax tart candle light! I had never been able to enjoy the scent of the flameless candle before. Silly I know but it meant that the spray worked. The next morning I was pretty congested again and did a sprits in each nostril. I never knew how much the world smelled haha !! I do find myself using it only once in the morning, spraying again in 12 hours I feel would be over drying. I also noticed that sometimes my nose felt a little too dry and sensitive to breathing in cooler air. When that happened I just blew my nose to loosen up what was there to moisten the passages. Otherwise I have no complaints ! The bottle also claims to be a no drip formula and I back that claim up. That reminds me, I've used all kinds of nasal sprays, prescription/OTC you name it, and just about every one goes into my post nasal drippage which tastes nasty and leaves my throat feeling funny for hours. This product did not do that !  If you have sinus issues or congestion from the office flu going around I highly suggest you give this product a try. I am planning to purchase either the extra moisturizing formula or the sinus one to help with sinus pressure.

Check out their page or contact me for coupons !!

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