Friday, November 30, 2012

Hot Pink Leopard Nail Tutorial

I posted this design a while back on the Facebook page and thought I would put up a set by set picture tutorial for everyone. I was inspired by the picture below done by TotallyCoolNails < the link is to her video tutorial .

I was a pretty simple process once I got in the flow of doing each nail .

I used a piece of a makeup sponge to lightly apply the hot pink over dried silver. Then used the detailing polish which has a super think brush to create small U and C shaped figures. It shouldn't be perfect which is the awesomeness of this design. Waited for it all to dry and topped if off with a clear top coat.

 I would love to see pictures if you try this look ! maybe try it with a different neon color ?!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute design! I'm a huge fan of nail art so I love this.. I'll share it with my sister since she is the one who always does my nails with designs :)