Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting 'Crafty for Christmas'

Fueled by Pinterest and my desire for a festive holiday home I have begun my adventure of crafting for Christmas !! The first thing I attempted last night was creating a center piece for our table. I picked up the large hurricane like glass from Fry's on clearance for $3 !  The candle sticks in warm apple pie from Walmart at $0.75 a piece and their holders plus the red & gold ornaments from the Dollar Tree.   

(above is a picture of our tree naked of lights, and mentioned first in this post)

I found this center piece to be the perfect inexpensive, painfully easy way to spruce up the table .

Next up was inspired by this picture here - 
However the window in our kitchen while similar in size has vertical blinds causing them to stick out too far. I tried several times to hang it up but it just kept popping out from the pressure of the blinds on the bar. After many broken ornaments Mike came up with the genius idea to hang it in our stair way ! I knew I kept him around for a reason. So now our stairway is festive but I still need some ideas for the kitchen window. Any ideas ?! 

The supplies I used for this project were super easy to find and again inexpensive. 9 ft garland from Target $4.00, red bow Target $1 and a tension rod from Walmart $2.17. The ribbon and ornaments were things I already had, I know Walmart sells thin white ribbon for about $0.50.

While at Walmart picking up the tension rod I also picked up these cute flameless candles for $2.50 for the set !! They are perfect for on the shelf next to the nativity and safer around the children. They give off a light fragrance of vanilla and flicker just like real candles, pretty neat if you ask me.  

Lastly I want a tiered dessert platter but on etsy they are ridiculously expensive. My mom suggested checking Big Lots for them ? I haven't been yet what do you guys think ? 

So I did some Pinterest searching and saw someone stack a candle stick between too plates to create the tiered dessert platter I was looking for. At the Dollar Tree I picked up one more candle stick and two matching white plates. In the second picture I show the use of the candle stick both up right and upside down not sure which way I like better or even if I like the idea at all ? I think I am still going to look for one like the above picture. 

I would love to hear all of your ideas and favorite holiday crafts or recipes ! 

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  1. the 2 tiered cookie plates are an outstanding idea. inexpensive and beautiful! i think i will be trying this idea myself. Mike had a great idea for the festive stairway - good job!! the centerpiece looks lovely :)

    i REALLY love your blog!!!!!!!!!!