Friday, November 30, 2012

Crafty for Christmas - Part 2

We have added to our home decor for the Christmas party coming up this Sunday . And I am pretty pleased with how everything has come together. 
Above is a wreath I put together using 3 ornaments I made last year and some doo-dads from Michael's craft store. I really like how it came out for it being my first wreath ever!

Above is what we used $9 of the $20 gift card sent to me as part of the House Party for Kmart. Some kitchen towels, bathroom hand towels, front door rug and the most adorable stuffed owl figurine !!

Our tree is decorated and accompanied with the cutest tree skirt! We found this one at Walmart for about $10 !!

We don't have a fire place so we hung the children's stockings using Command hooks on the staircase wall. I also covered our wall pictures for a more fully festive feel.

As mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't sure what to day with the kitchen window. I solved this by hanging gold tinsel and a medium sized red bow. Mike and I wanted to carry the red bow theme throughout the house and placed one with pre-lit garland ($10 from Target) over the sliding glass door and also with our already green curtains in the living room. the living room bow is much bigger than the other two and is sparkly. I got this one for $2.xx from Walgreens. The right picture is of a wall hanging my grandma made for Mike and I a couple years ago <3 it !!

Mike put up some outdoor icicle lights up the stair way and I hung a decorative present bag in the entrance way. The star is new this year, its a rustic red finish ($5 Target). * Also on the stair way is the tension rod decor I talked about in the last post ...

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