Saturday, November 3, 2012

BzzAgent - Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified Coffee

If you know me the you know I love me my morning coffee !!! When I found out I was accepted into this BzzAgent Kit I was so excited to tell you guys about it. 
The kit came with 3 sample baggies of Fair Trade Green Mountain Coffee in House Blend, an information packet about the benefits of purchasing Fair Trade coffees and several $1/1 coupons to share with y'all !

Now, I am a chilled coffee fan so I have been brewing and chilling big pots of this coffee since the day it arrived. Now for the review. When I first opened the baggie, the grounds gave off such an earthy natural aroma, which I really liked ! The brew itself was not super dark/deep and held up to the light was a dark amber color. However, just because it was light does not mean it's short of flavor. Drinking the brew straight up (chilled) brought back memories of when I worked at a diner back in NY. Very warm and cozy feeling. I did find myself putting a bit of Baileys creamer in to sweeten it up a bit, but that I believe is a personal preference. ( I have a big sweet tooth ! ) I hope you give this coffee a try, you won't be disappointed! I will be repurchasing this maybe in some different blends for fun :-)

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