Friday, November 16, 2012

Bitten by the Christmas Bug !

Christmas has to be my most favorite time of the year. The weather here in Arizona is perfect, especially compared to NY where I grew up. There is a cozy sense of family and traditions. But best of all I get to redecorate the house !!! Mike and I have been bitten by the Christmas spirit bug early this year, I think partly because I am honored to host a House Party for Kmart ! They are sending me a $20 gift card to Kmart, some coupons and a Christmas CD to help with hosting the party. The party is set to happen on Sunday December 2nd and we have yet to receive the party pack ( no one accepted has gotten it yet ) so I am a bit anxious about it ! Excited but anxious . Therefore we have busted out the decor. We had gotten rid of our Christmas tree last year and went to Target last night to pick one out (We looked at Kmart the other day nothing stuck out to us). We settled on a 7 ft unlit tree which was on sale for $45, then we purchased 4 boxes of 100 ct clear lights about $4 a box. I used a 5% coupon I received in the mail from filling my prescriptions at Target plus used my RedCard and got another 5% off !! The tree ended up being in total about $52 which I think that is a pretty great deal. We plan on putting that up tonight. I also got a few supplies to finish putting together wreaths I had started last year and never finished, along with a couple more odds and ends for the crafty ideas I have. I will update and share pictures once I complete them. I have made an awesome inspiration board on Pinterest would love for you guys to check it out and share your inspirations and ideas with everyone !!

Here is one of the ideas found on Pinterest I am going to attempt - 

Here are some items at Kmart I am <3 with ! 

P.S. Let me know if you are interested in attending our Christmas party ! We would love to have you, I created an event on Facebook but may have missed a few of you, your more than welcome!!

OH and I want to hear all of your favorite traditions / recipes / decoration ideas !!! Feel free to post them on here or our Facebook page !

Here is another Pinterest idea I am dieing to try ... thinking of using the glass from Starbucks drinks at the supermarket. 

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