Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sparkling Sunday 10/28

This weeks highlight is one of my daily go to lip balm tints !
It is CoverGirls Natureluxe gloss balm in 235 Grenache. I picked this up about 2 months ago at CVS and use it just about every day ! I will definetly be repurchasing this again soon ! The texture is that of a chapstick and yet has a soft sheen with a purpley berry tint to it. I love that is a nude / natural shade and looks great with just about any eye shadow look . I have tried others from this line but was not impressed. I cant remember the name but it was a more glittery pink shade and showed on the lips very chalky like, not a fan, but this one is a keeper !!

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  1. I am definitely going to look for this Cover Girl lip gloss when I am
    out shopping for lip products next time.