Monday, October 22, 2012

Sparkling Sunday 10/21

This weeks highlight is one of my most used hair tools / accessories ?! Not sure exactly what to call it . It is Goody's Spin Pins. These are a must for a busy mom !! When I picked up my first pair about a year ago I had my doubts. My hair is past my shoulder blades and beyond thick, never stays in a style for to long because of such. On top of all that hair I live in Arizona where the weather is crazy hot in the summer calling for buns most of the season. Luckily these did not disappoint. I have used these at least once a week since purchasing them. I have since purchased a second set,  I thought I had lost my first set, so yes that answers if I would repurchase these ;-) . These work so well because they cork screw into the bun eliminating the need for a million bobby pins. Because my hair is super thick I do pony my hair with a hair tie just to have extra security, tho for most of you just simply spinning your hair into a simple bun and corking these in on opposite sides of the bun will do the trick !  Add some hair spray and bam your ready for the day ! <3 <3 <3 these !!!!! They do come in a couple different colors to match your hair and I have seen them everywhere from CVS to Target and Walmart.

Do you use these already ?! or have another hair doodle that you absolutely love ?

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