Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sparkling Sunday 10/14

This weeks highlight is actually a super new item to me. So new it didn't even make it into my Stash 101- Brushes post earlier this week ! I didn't even know Target had their own line of brushes until I was walking aimlessly through the makeup aisles and in a random spot by the make up storage bags/caddies was their decent sized Target makeup brush collection. I decided to pick up a brush with a style similar to one I have been eyeballing for a while. It is a fluffy dome like brush. It smoothly blends the crease contouring eye shadow into the upper highlight and lower lid/base color .  Though I haven't had this long I have used it several times and know it is a lovely contribution to my collection ! Plus you can't beat the price ! I believe they were slightly on sale and I paid a little less than $2 for it !!! During the same Target trip I also went ahead and picked up E.L.F's Defining Eye Brush, this too is a keeper. The angle of the brush helps to keep a clean line at the outer corner of your eye where your crease shadow starts. In all two new fabulous brushes to add to my Stash. What is your fav brush ?  

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