Sunday, October 14, 2012

My First Attempts At Nail Art

How can you not get inspired by Pinterest to try out some new looks on your nails ?!  (linked is my Nail Inspiration Board) I have become quite addicted to the various varieties out there this past week and have shared with you SOME of my attempts. I am not a cosmetologist so they are by far not up to professional par but I have fun changing it up! I would love to see some of your nail looks or inspirations !! Feel free to share on here or my Facebook wall :-)

Above is 2 different style attempts at leopard printing freestyle and an on purpose chubby crisscross look.
*Later in the week I did my whole hand in punky crisscross

 Here I tried a couple diff styles. Some dots, backwards manicure/half moon, some kind of geo look using tape, a stamped print on the ring finger and a random line and dots. I like these colors together ! Turquoise and gold .
Lastly I am currently rockin the half moon and ring finger backwards Halloween look. Bright orange with a shiny black. I used binder paper reinforcers to create this look.

This week I am planning on tring a sponged ombre look ... I will keep you posted on how that goes.
*Also hubby purchased some dotting tools off Amazon for me I will do a review on them the minute they arrive !!

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  1. These are very cute. My little sister is the one who got me into all of this nail art stuff. Every time I go over to her house she sits me down and starts 'creating' all over my nails lol.. I'm going to share some of these designs with her. Thanks!