Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stash 101 - Foundation

Here it is ! My obnoxiously large collection of foundation. Some I hate and some I have repurchased several times. Right now I am in love with Revlon's PhotoReady liquid and I mix it with the Almay WakeUp liquid on the back of my hand to warm it up. I mix them because the Revlon is too light and the Almay is too dark :-) . (also I have found that Almay and Revlon products are super similar which is why I purchased the Almay wakeup powder today, will give it a try, even the packaging is the same as Revlon) . Anyway, I then apply a light cover of the Revlon ColorStay Liquid foundation for oily/combo skin - this is something I have repurchased several times !!! in areas that need a bit more coverage. Then my concealer, right now my fav is Physicians Formula, Conceal Rx™ Physicians Strength Concealer where needed and totally set it all by pressing on the Revlon ColorStay Aqua with a big fluffy brush.

< This Revlon Aqua powder foundation btw feels like you are applying water to your face, super weird at first but refreshing once you get used to it. It blends really well and helps keep my oil factor down. I am also using the darkest shade they make (clearance though they deff still sell this just saw it at CVS today) and its so light that I don't think the color really matters !
 --I am also guessing the Almay wakeup powder shown to the left here I got today will be the same feeling. The top says instantly cooling. so we will see --

The others in this collection randomly get used when I get low on my favs or I forget how awful they are. First up Covergirl. The far left one for oily/combo skin is so cakey/dry it looks and feels like a mask. Where as the one next to it is supposed to be all natural but is super thin and oily feeling, does not go on or turn matte what so ever . The liquid Loreal true match for me is better than Covergirl version but still cakey. Rimmel stay matte goes on pretty good but does not wear well. After a few hours I felt like I needed to wash it off my face YUK. Lets skip in line to the Almay with the clear complexion complex yellow emblem on it. Goes on o.k. and blends well but again does not wear well. Another one that feels weird on the face after a while. Then there is the orange bottle of Physicians Formulas Healthy Wear SPF foundation. It smells like I am putting on sunscreen and stays a lotiony shiny look even after setting. So probably perfect for a pool day but not something I use often at all. I had high hopes for that one too :( ... next is Neutrogena's skin clearing foundation. It goes on well, wears well and blends fab. However, because it has the salicylic acid in it if I use it too many days in a row it over dries my skin and it gets flakey, yea not pretty. So I do like this foundation but only use it when needed. Lastly is the Loreal roller trumatch. AWFUL. Can we say wax ? probably better used as a concealer, though I have not tried it luckily I got this on clearance awhile back hopefully they don't even sell this anymore ! I have tried so many other foundations as well if you have any questions feel free to ask ! What is your favorite foundation ?

I will do an application post because it really does make a difference on how foundations look and blend. Also a concealer stash post soon :-) Is there anything y'all would like to read about ?!

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