Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stash 101 - Eye Shadow

In my first post I highlighted my nail polish stash and in this one its my eye shadows !!!! I actually slimmed down my collection quite a bit this last time we moved.


This is my CoverGirl collection and how I store it. CoverGirl eye shadows I admit aren't my favorite go to shadows until I started using the ELF eye shadow primer. I swear it totally made the difference with the vibrancy of these shadows, otherwise you have to build up the layers quite a bit being careful not to get cakey. My most used colors I would have to say is the deeply bright purple 3 up on the far left , the bright blue and turquoise at the very top next to each other and  the third one under the turquiose the lime green . I know !! Lime green ?!? YES ! I was nervous at first but once I blended it with a creamy deep brown or an army green shadow its so lovely. you have to try it . Most of these I either purchased at Fry's supermarket for .49 when they were on mega a while back for $1.49 and used a coupon which took $1 off, or from CVS to build up on my beauty extra care bucks.  
Here are my other two baskets of shadows - ULTA, Revlon, Almay, Clinique, Rimmel, Loreal & Maybelline.
I LOVE Revlon shadows especially the kinds in the small black cases like these ^ . I laid out the 4 different finishes- matte, perle, satin & diamond lust. The diamond lust line is amazing ! 
The are very pigmented and give a lovely glittery look. I use them over my already placed smokey eye to go from a day look to a night look. The top left looks kinda white when really it is a light princess pink color <3 !
<a moment of silence for the fallen peacock satin shadow I did this carrying them to where I was photographing for this post. 
These Almay shadows are a bit chalky at first but once you get past the "top coat" they went on much smoother strangely. They even tailor the shadows to your eye color to give a big bold brightening look. Takes the guess work out of matching up your shadows every morning. 
The round ones are the Loreal HIP line. They are super pigmented and have a great sheen to them. My 2 favorites are the royal purple and gold in the middle left, and the lime green/army green. I am not a fan of the kinds that come in the square containers for some reason the are really difficult to pick up the color. I feel like I am scrapping the brush into the shadow to get any color up.
These are some Maybelline's 
A couple more Revlon's. Love the one far left !!

Let me know if miss any details for anything or if you have any questions or maybe suggestions of your fav's ! Would love to hear from you guys :-)  

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