Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sparkling Sunday 9/23

This weeks highlight is Ulta Professional brush cleaner. I never thought to much about cleaning my brushes in my teens, but now it is a weekly routine. My brushes are not only more sanitary, but they feel softer and help smooth and blend so much better when they are clean. This is the first formula I have tried and I believe it works very well. Plus it is real easy to use. Just spray on the hairs and lightly brush them against a wash cloth. You can see it coming clean, its almost rewarding LOL. Now I bought this bottle about a year ago and it has lasted me this long. However, going on the site to link this for you I am reading reviews that they may have changed their formula. :-( I really like how this formula works, dang it ! As y'all know I am a big fan of E.L.F cosmetics, and I noticed the other day they have their own brush cleaner. Have you tried this one or another cleaner  before?! I am curious to hear your responses !

I did also see that E.L.F has a Brush Shampoo, not sure of the difference between a shampoo or the daily brush cleaner. I am assuming the shampoo is a deeper clean ?! 

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