Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Score at CVS !

I went into to CVS yesterday to pick up the free Centrum adult chewable vitamins (I'll post the deal below) and decided to take a gander at the clearance end cap. Boy am I glad I did !! I had printed some $1/1 Garnier coupons off Redplum last week hoping to find them for free at Dollar Tree.{linked is their coupon policy}. Well, I went to Dollar Tree yesterday and they had absolutely nothing I went in looking for. Oh well. Anyways I'm so glad of that because I spent $4.00 on all of this! Half of it was tax ! I highly recommend checking out your local CVS asap. They also had some clearance Neutrogena, Herbal Essence, L'oreal face creams & Olay moisturizers all from about $.99-3.00. Perfect if you have any coupons for these. I didn't have any on me but the ones I had planned to use at Dollar Tree, maybe I will go back today. Let me know if you score anything good too !!!

Centrum Deal : This week I got a Red Machine** coupon for $5 off Centrum Flavor Burst, PLUS we have a printable available for $2. Because one is a store Q and one is a manufacture Q you are able to use both on the same item. On top of both coupons they are also on sale for $6.99 making for FREE vitamins :-).

Buy one Centrum Flavor Burst 60ct for $6.99
                                       Use CVS Q -$5.00
                                                          = FREE

**Red Machine Coupons - these are coupons that print out when you scan your card at the red machine in a CVS store, they are CVS coupon and may be used with a complimentary manufacture coupon to 'stack' and get ultimate savings on the same one item. If you do not have a Extra Care card (CVS savings card) sign up HERE!! Make sure you enroll in the Beauty Care program to receive bonus coupons and sale PLUS for every $50 you spend ( this goes off pre-coupon price too!!!) you get a $5 ECB (Extra Care Buck) at the red machine. These ECB's are like CVS cash and can be used on anything in the store with very little restrictions-think liqueur, smokes gift cards etc are excluded -

*CVS Red Machine coupons vary person to person - Let me know if you got this coupon or did this deal :-)

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  1. Wow!! All of that for $4.00, great savings, congrats!!