Sunday, September 2, 2012

'S' is for Sparkling Sunday 9/2

Every Sunday I will post my favorite, most used or raved about item of the week.
This week I tried a new item to me, E.L.F.'s eye shadow primer.
I have been contemplating on using an eye shadow primer for a while, especially with living in Arizona my makeup essentially melts off the second I walk outside. I watched YouTube videos read reviews and finally decided to try this one. At that price you really can't go wrong, and I am alllll about the bargain. I originally was going to purchase it directly from the site but the shipping cost even with the current promo code shy'd me away. Then I realized that Target sells it and even online ! They don't carry the whole line of E.L.F but just about all the good stuff. So then I was going to buy it online using my Target Red Debit Card which would give me free shipping and 5% off ! When I realized that my local Target sells it, awesome don't have to wait for the postal. Ok now for the review, like I said I had never used one before and was really hoping for it to help with the brightness, longevity and avoid creasing of eye shadow. I believe it did just that. It goes on ever so slightly tinted in a creamy silky texture. I waited for it to dry a little and applied my normal eye shadows nothing fancy, simple smokey eye. Even after wearing it for about 10 hours there was only slight creasing but the color vibrancy was still there. Overall, I am definitely pleased with and it and would totally repurchase ! I hope your experience with this is as good as mine. Do you have a favorite eye shadow primer or have you used this one before ? Comment below and Happy Sparkling !


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