Sunday, September 9, 2012

'S' is for Sparkling Sunday 9/9

For this Sundays highlight I would like to share with you my new favorite face cream !

I live in Arizona so it is par for the course that my skin is going to be dry. Throw in some sweaty, oily and still acne prone skin - moisture is a must ! However, I have tried several creams and have not been impressed. Creams are mostly for use at night as a replenishment treatment. One cream I have tried specifically is the Olay night cream. Not only was it super thick and greasy I don't feel like it did much for my dryness. Then about a month ago I purchased the Physicians Formula Moisture Balance Ultra-Hydrating Day & Night Cream at Walmart by price matching an in ad sale from CVS. Plus almost all of the Physicians Formula facial products had peelie coupons on them that I could use along with the sale price!!! Regular price I believe is about $16-19, definitely on the pricier side for face products, I think. So I was excited to give this a try and thankfully I am pleased. The texture is much different than the Olay. It is a blue toned softer non greasy cream that absorbs relatively well & quickly into the skin. Parts of my face can get flakey at times, I put this on and it and instantly feel better. By the next morning my skin looks and feels so much healthier. I found that I don't need to use it every night. I also feel as though when I do use it the next morning my makeup goes on much smoother. Saves me some time on blending for sure! Who knew Physicians Formula a cosmetics company could make such a quality product ?! The same day I also purchased a variety of different products from this line as well as the two other collections. You can see all three collections on their website .

Some other ones I have tried are;   

Moisture Balance - 

Hydrating & Balancing Cleanser - foaming, soft kinda smells funny though 

Hydrating & Balancing Moisturizer SPF 15 - smells like spf goes on pretty matte which is good

Ultra-Hydrating Day & Night Cream - highlighted item
Hydrating Eye Cream - have not noticed any effect of this product

Sensitivity & Redness-

Redness Relief Moisturizer - feels cooling on the skin
Redness Correcting Moisturizer - perfect to help even out the skin, very slight still would need a foundation for day wear 

Instant Skin Calming Spray - Have used this randomly through out the day as a boost, not sure if it works, but would be nice to use when traveling by plane

Firming & Lifting Booster - not to sure why I got this one, have used it on the outer corners of my eyes as a preventative measure 

Overall, I will be purchasing this night cream again. <- of course on some sort of sale though. Btw I know it says day & night, I have tried it in the morning but it does not absorb quite enough for my foundation to go on as matte as I like it . Oh and I have contacted CVS out here in Arizona regarding the product availability . They responded saying there are only a few stores that carry the facial product side of Physicians Formula  here in AZ but I have found it at a couples of Walmarts. Which you too can price match them next time they go on sale. 

Have you tried this already ? What is your nightly skin regime ?  

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