Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Hidden Treasure Candle

A couple weeks ago I won a Hidden Treasure's Soy Candle  from a Thrifty Momma Ramblings giveaway! 
I was super excited to win this candle. If you don't know anything about the new fad in candles basically companies are inserting a piece of jewelry into the candle (wrapped in plastic and then with foil) before it cools. So as you burn it down your surprise is revealed, Hidden Treasure's uses necklaces as their little surprise. The jewelry in these type of candles usually value anything from $10 - $5000 !! So of course the evening I received my candle I lit that baby up to get to my necklace. The whole process was a big ordeal for my family, we all kept checking it until it was showing enough to use tweezers to pull it out. It took a couple of days when finally I saw half the foil poking out to reveal this beauty! 

I'm not sure of the value of the necklace other than it says 18 K RGP but my daughter loves it and enjoys wearing it around. The candle itself is very nice. I chose 'Bird of Paradise' which is a perfect tropical scent. Its not an overwhelming fill the whole large room or house kind of candle but perfect for in the bedroom or kitchen where I burned it the most. The wax is soy which I have never had a soy candle before so I was curious about what the wax was like. To me it feels a bit greasy on the skin and smooth not so crayon like a regular candle. I've heard that they are better to burn if you have small children and don't want the black smoke marks on your walls. Overall I enjoyed my candle :-) and goes to show you that entering the giveaways on Facebook and what not pay off !! I hope to hold a great giveaway one day . Have you ever won a giveaway like this before ? 
Thank you Hidden Treasure's & Thrifty Momma Ramblings !

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