Saturday, September 8, 2012

House Party

If you haven't already signed up for this site you definetly will need to after this post ! At first I really didn't think too much of this site. Ok you apply for these parties to host and they only have maybe 1,000-500 spots open. What are my chances of really getting one ? I have only been a member for maybe 2 months tops and this month was accepted for the Fisher Price Joy of Learning Party !

I am beyond excited. But again didn't really think to much of it at first, until I got my shipping confirmation email. 60 lbs ! Really ?! A 60lb box of what ? A few days later a huge box arrives with basically the whole new line of Imaginext AND the Rev'N Go car collection. My 4 year old son and 1 1/2 year old daughter were in heaven !!! I never expected to receive over $300 worth toys. The best part ? We get to keep them as 'payment' for hosting the party. Now what exactly is a 'party' ? They ask that you invite guest who would enjoy the party packs as much as we do, so in this case basically a huge play date. At the party the kids will get to play with the toys that were sent to us to try them out. Nothing to buy, just play. The pack I received is geared for the 3-5 year old boy. I will also be handing out tons of goodies for the kids to take home ( limit of 12 - these will be sent to me sometime this week I believe ) .

This approach is a new way of advertising using social networking and word of mouth reputation. So far for me it has really been working really well, especially in my favor. Check out a similar post I did about BzzAgent . I really enjoy doing this kind of thing though, not just getting the free stuff but getting to trying new things giving my opinion on whats good and what is something I would never purchase again in a million years. Makes me feel like I actually have a hand in helping make decisions on what is actually going to make it on the market. Is this my Business Marketing side coming out ?! < That is actually what I started to go to college for years ago.

Anyways back to House Party! Its not just all kiddie parties either ! Right now I believe there is at least one party hosting an alcoholic beverage, another for a battle of the sexes board game, Halloween etc etc... Like I said if you haven't at least tried and applied for these you are really missing out !

I will keep you all posted on how the party goes and if they are parties I would apply for in the future :-) . Have you held a House Party before ? or maybe something similar such as from Bzzagent or Influenster ?! Comment below and make sure to follow me on Twitter and Like me on Facebook to keep update on new posts ! - Have A Sparkling Day !

Here is everything I have received so far for my Fisher Price Joy of Learning House Party !


  1. So jealous! I missed the sign up period for applications. :( my kiddos would have loved this one. They are obsessed with imaginext!

    1. I totally didn't think we would get picked. There are a couple of parties still taking applications now, try for them !! I have to say AJ has been playing with the Rev'N Go set all day today and its driving me nut hearing them rev up over n over n over again LOL

  2. Let me just say that both kids play with both these sets DAILY !!! Highly recommend these for Christmas !!