Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fry's Run 9/18

I did a Fry's run Tuesday night to finally pick up some deals that were on Mega. I did need to get 3 rainchecks but luckily I had expected them and it didn't mess my game plan up ! I walked into the store with only $15 in cash and the bottom of my know the endless pit of coin that makes its way there ? :-)   The food budget was tight this week, but I hadn't done any Mega runs and insisted - Last week we stocked up on meats and produce so no worries mom !!! The total for this purchase before coupons was ... dun dun dah ! $132.10 and after everything I paid only $16.36 ... I love the cashier I had, he has been my cashier before and is just as excited as I am with my savings. None of the coupons beeped or gave us problems everything went smooth until I had to dig out my loose change I am just a hot mess haha .. Here is a run down of what I purchased . I know the sale is over but I am finally getting back kinda into the swing of couponing again and it feels great !!!

- Warning most are snacks or supplies for Anthony's up coming 'House Party' this Sunday !

If you want more details or have any questions feel free to ask !

O.K... Ready ?!

10 Chips Ahoy cookies come in packs of 2
3 French's Spicy brown mustard
5 Frank's RedHot Kick'n BBQ
4 Prego pasta sauces 
2 Pop Tarts 
2 Cinnamon toast crunch
2 Reeses pieces cereal
4 lbs of Challange Butter unsalted - got raincheck for salted
9 Honest Teas - an organic lemonade/juice/tea drink
 20 individual Crackerfuls - peanutbutter ... I am addicted 
1 bath poof 
10 cups of mini Oreo cookies - kids stole one before I could even take the picture 
1 bag of Fritos chips 
and a small vase of orange beads that were clearanced and calling my name :-) 

*Big shout out to Cents'able Shoppin for helping comprise my list with your awesome match-ups and coupon database !!!!! <3

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