Friday, September 28, 2012

CVS - 9/28

Ran into CVS with the whole family today ... yeayah fun ! I wanted to take advantage of the amazing Revlon deal kickin and Mike wanted soda . I had done a survey for CVS earlier in the week and received a $10 printable ECB which is like having $10 cash to CVS. I also had the $7 from last weeks purchase of Almay and lucky me the red machine printed for me today a $10/$50 purchase AND a $5 Beauty ECB !! The Almay put me over my $50 beauty care, awesome . So I pick out my 4 Revlon's buy one get one half and Mike picks out the 3/10.98 Pepsi's.... total out of pocket .... $2.25 ! Even Mike was excited - and for anyone that knows him, getting excited over couponing is a big deal for him! 

**Oh and there were 2 packs of Reese's but magically only one made it home hmmmm ?!?!
Read more for the break down ...

Here is a break down of the purchase ... 

Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral 13.99
Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Powder 6.74
Revlon PhotoReady in Nude 13.49
Revlon Perfecting Primer 6.24
Pepsi Max 3.66
Pepsi Max 3.66
Pepsi Max 3.66
Reese's King Size 1.87
Reese's King Size 1.87

the $4 off were $4/$12 cosmetics purchase - red machine coupons
$5 were manu revlon Qs
and the 2 $10 & 7 you already know about
= subtotal = 0.18 !!
TOTAL = $2.25

Did you do your CVS run for this week yet ?! How did you do ?!?!

**Plus this Revlon purchase puts me just under another $50 mark in the beauty care program, probably will get another $5 ecb next week ! Plus I still have the one I got today :-) 

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